Freshman 15.

DAY 304.


Elliptical Trainer- 30 minutes, 3 miles

work (food line/prep)- 7 hours

sit ups- 50


DAY 265.


Running/jogging- 30 mins, 3.2 miles

Elliptical Trainer- 40 minutes, 5 miles

Hula Hooping- 30 mins

Sit ups- 50


Freshman Fitness Progress.

So, everyone who follows my blog knows the whole point of it was to avoid the notorious freshman 15 pound weight gain. (Also to help focus on my eating disorder recovery and nutrition). Well guys, here is my progress:

At the beginning of the year, I was about 140 pounds. Now, I weigh about 110-115, depending on the day. I run about 5 miles on the treadmill at college every day. I restrict myself to 1100 calories, for my body type this is acceptable- I am a 5 ft tall, petite girl as you can see. I used to vomit everyday instead of eating healthy. Now most of my diet is salads, vegetables, usually a small snack or two a day, and just generally good food. I keep it all down, most of the time now. I have become obsessed with exercising, my doctor says it is still a form of an eating disorder. But I consider working out a lot more healthier than vomiting.  Even though my freshman year is over, I still am going to post everyday. Keep track of what I do. It’s a lifestyle for me now.

My new goal is to get abs. Abs people can see. Not just lose weight and beat bulimia for college. I want to be fit and healthy, for life. I might rename the blog when summer starts. But I wanted to say thank you to all who have supported my journey. It really means a lot. All of you who have fitness blogs or are on your own journeys… don’t give up. Make it a lifestyle too. If I can do it, you can too :)

DAY 234.


treadmill run- 4.5 mins, 4.5 miles

slow paced walk- 1/2 hr

food prep- 2 hrs

situps- 50


DAY 220.


treadmill run- 50 mines, 5 miles

elliptical- 10 mins, .6 miles

slow paced walk- .5 miles

food prep- 2 hours


Here’s a question for other fitness blogs.

Recently, I got an ask telling me I do not eat enough (or I haven’t been recently.)

What if you reach the end of the day, you are under your recommended caloric intake, and you’re just not hungry… Do you eat anyway?

DAY 128.


Bike/Elliptical Machine: 50 minutes, 8 miles


I’m so proud of myself today. No purging/binging, and I was home all day!

DAY 120.


30 Sit ups, 50 scissor kicks.

Like I said, tomorrow starts my workout again. The machine we got is not set up yet but hopefully it will be soon. I’m going to do taebo tomorrow probably. :)


I had more food.. but it didn’t really stay down.


DAY 116.


50 situps

Hula hoop- 45 minutes

Slow walk- .75 mile, 25 minutes


Imma fatty :(