Freshman 15.

DAY 67- Sophomore year.


40 minutes- 6.0mph/4.0 incline- running

15 minutes- jogging/3.0 incline, 4.5 mph

20 minutes- elliptical/level 6/ moderate

15 minutes- hula hoop

Ab calisthenics/yoga ball- 10 mins


Snow days leave plenty of time for extra work outs!

DAY 1- Sophomore Year.

Okay, so I slacked off with posting this summer towards the end. My fight with bulimia was very rough again and I did not want to post inaccurately. Also, I was ashamed to post at all.

But it is sophomore year and my last year here, most likely, since my degree is two years.

Today, I went to the gym first thing. Tomorrow, I plan on doing the same (plus I actually have gym class so I need to be there anyway.)


Sit ups- 50

Running- 6.5 mph, 4 miles, 37 minutes


Freshman Fitness Progress.

So, everyone who follows my blog knows the whole point of it was to avoid the notorious freshman 15 pound weight gain. (Also to help focus on my eating disorder recovery and nutrition). Well guys, here is my progress:

At the beginning of the year, I was about 140 pounds. Now, I weigh about 110-115, depending on the day. I run about 5 miles on the treadmill at college every day. I restrict myself to 1100 calories, for my body type this is acceptable- I am a 5 ft tall, petite girl as you can see. I used to vomit everyday instead of eating healthy. Now most of my diet is salads, vegetables, usually a small snack or two a day, and just generally good food. I keep it all down, most of the time now. I have become obsessed with exercising, my doctor says it is still a form of an eating disorder. But I consider working out a lot more healthier than vomiting.  Even though my freshman year is over, I still am going to post everyday. Keep track of what I do. It’s a lifestyle for me now.

My new goal is to get abs. Abs people can see. Not just lose weight and beat bulimia for college. I want to be fit and healthy, for life. I might rename the blog when summer starts. But I wanted to say thank you to all who have supported my journey. It really means a lot. All of you who have fitness blogs or are on your own journeys… don’t give up. Make it a lifestyle too. If I can do it, you can too :)

DAY 78.


running- 5.5 miles (6.5mph)

food prep- a few hours, not added to myfitnesspal log


DAY 33.


jogging: 55 minutes, 4.5 miles

situps- 50

food: good intake today, but it feels like I ate so much more for some reason.

stir fry = <3

DAY 17.


jogging: 55 mins, 300 calories burned

situps- 100

squats- 20, with 6 lb ball


Day 10.


jogging: 50 mins, 4 miles.

walking: 1 mile


  • cheese quesadilla
  • pea pods
  • curly fries
  • chopped fruit
  • cucumbers
Training Day 4.

Calorie count was perfect, a little too much in the fat area, but I hit my target :3

I jogged 3.21 miles in 40 minutes. It’s a new record for me (although that’s probably slow for most people)

good day ^_^

10 Ways to lose 15 pounds in ONE MONTH!



  1. Stop eating foods with added sugar, especially refined sugar. No soda and no sweets.
  2. Avoid as best possible anything that has ”Concentrated Glucose-Fructose”. This is the worst possible glucose you can eat.
  3. Stop eating fried foods. No french fries, no fried chicken, nothing fried.
  4. Cut down to the maximum of saturated and trans. fat. If its sticky and waxy, its probably saturated.
  5. Drink a lot of water. 1/2 your body-weight in ounces of fresh cold water for best results.

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